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Fluke Calibration 8808A 5.5-Digit Multimeter

Fluke Calibration 8808A 5.5-Digit Multimeter
Fluke Calibration 8808A 5.5-Digit Multimeter
Product Code : 8808A
Product Description

Fluke Calibration 8808A 5.5-Digit Multimeter

Versatile multimeter for manufacturing, development and service applications

Features :

  • Eliminate production mistakes :The Fluke 8808A 5.5 digit multimeter dependably performs the most common measurements required by today's applications.

  • The 8808A display has built-in annunciators that clearly show the operator whether a test passes or fails. The pass/fail indicators take the guesswork out of testing: the result is either within limits or it's out!

  • Improve quality and efficiency in manufacturing test, R&;D or service applications :This Fluke 8808A makes measurements that stand up to any scrutiny. It delivers a wide variety of measurement functions, including volts, ohms, and amps, plus frequency all at superior accuracy and resolution.

  • Measure two parameters at once : The 8808A features a unique dual display that allows you to measure two different parameters of the same signal from one test connection.

  • Looking at dual interrelated parameters like voltage and current simultaneously can reveal conditions that might go unnoticed otherwise, greatly simplifying test and troubleshooting.

  • Measure sensitive leakage current : Typical multimeters use a shunt method to measure current, creating a measurement burden voltage that increases the error in low current measurements.

  • The Fluke 8808A is the only multimeter in its class to use a low-impedance operational amplifier and current-to-voltage conversion technique to eliminate the burden voltage and measure sensitive low currents and in this special mode, the 8808A can accurately measure small currents with a resolution of up to 100 nA.

  • Perform 4-wire measurements with only two leads : Patented split terminal jacks for the 2x4-wire ohms function allow you to perform 4-wire measurements using only two leads instead of four.

  • The Fluke test lead accessory combines the four wires into two test lead pairs, making it easy for you to establish connections. You get excellent resolution and accuracy, plus the convenience and ease of using a single pair of leads.