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Fluke 43B Series Power Quality Analyzer

Fluke 43B Series Power Quality Analyzer
Fluke 43B Series Power Quality Analyzer
Product Code : Fluke 43B
Product Description

Fluke 43B Series Power Quality Analyzer


The only analysis tool you need to easily track down all your power and related problems

The Fluke 43B is the engineer's choice for diagnosing and troubleshooting power quality and general equipment failures throughout industry. The all-in-one tool comprises:

Power Quality Analyzer

  • Measures power (W, VA, VAR) and power factor (PF, DPF)

  • Calculates power and power factor on balanced 3-phase loads

  • Voltage, current and power harmonics up to the 51st.

  • Measures sags and swells on a cycle-by-cycle basis for up to 24 hours

  • Automatically captures up to 40 transients as fast as 40 ns

  • Measures motor inrush and analyzes using cursors

  • Covers broad frequency range (10 to 400 Hz)


  • Dual-channel scope

  • Up to 20 MHz bandwidth with FREE VPS40 Voltage Probe (Fluke 43B only)

  • Connect and View automatic triggering for an instant stable waveform display

  • On-screen cursors to help analyze signals


  • Measures resistance, continuity and capacitance, and tests diodes

  • Measures temperature with optional temperature probes (Fluke 61 IR Thermometer supplied for FREE with Fluke 43B only)


  • Records up to 2 parameters for up to 16 days

  • All parameters measured can be recorded including V/A/Hz, all aspects of power and harmonics and all scope measurements

  • Stores up to 4000 voltage events with the VR101S (Fluke 43Kit)

Ease of use

  • Get immediate inside in your power system by simply clicking through the most commonly used power quality modes with just a simple keystroke

  • Just choose the application from the menu and it sets-up automatically

  • 20 memories for storage of screens and data


  • Calculates three-phase power on balanced loads from a single-phase measurement

  • Measures power harmonics, and captures voltage sags, transients, and inrush currents

  • Monitoring functions help track intermittent problems and power system performance

  • Menus use familiar electrical terminology

  • Toggle through the most commonly used power quality modes with a single keystroke

  • Records two selectable parameters for up to 16 days

  • 20 measurement memories to save/recall screens and data with cursor readings

  • FlukeView Software can log harmonics and all other readings over time

  • FlukeView Software provides a complete harmonics profile up to the 51st harmonic

  • Measures resistance, diode voltage drop, continuity, and capacitance

  • NIMH Battery provides extended operating time of 6.5 hours

  • Complete package with voltage probes and 400 A current clamp, FlukeView Software and optically isolated interface cable


  • Voltage, current, and power harmonics

  • Up to 51st harmonic

  • Total harmonic distortion (THD)

  • Phase angle of individual harmonics